Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday List

Things I'm loving this with this week ...

Adobo seasoning with cumin. I have been putting Adobo seasoning on everything and I mean everything: rice, stir fry, eggs, pop corn (awesome!), avocados, tomatoes, chicken, tuna, the list goes on...
Pinterest. When do I not love Pinterest? It's the greatest list of ideas. I have made so many recipes from that site. My favorite boards right now are: Avocados, Pumpkin, Rings, Nutrition and I Want. If you need ideas for my birthday in a few weeks, feel free to find them on my Pinterest page. And Pinterest accidentally built a better search engine than google (according to Buzzfeed).

LinkedIN. I finally updated my profile earlier this month and have been using the site a lot. I like interacting with people on a professional level and building my network. I especially appreciate the various articles posted there. It is a great way to connect, professionally. Thanks to Frank A. for the great advice to start using LinkedIN. Connect with here.

Compression tights. These things are a God send after a hard weekend of running. They help my legs recover much faster than rest alone. My compression tights and Citadel blanket have become a Sunday afternoon routine during marathon training.


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