Saturday, August 17, 2013

Running and dreaming

I got out early this morning for a 15-mile training run. My foot felt much better after a few days of rest. a little ibuprofen and lots of ice. Lots of ice. I ran an easy 3.5 miles yesterday to see how it feels. My goal was to run 5 miles, but since my foot felt okay, I decided to shut it down early so that I could finish my Saturday long run as scheduled. It worked and it was awesome.

77 miles already this month. Woot!

The amazing part of my run this morning was that I was able to breeze right through it (well, at least the first ten miles). How, do you ask? I had a dream. During the run, I recognized that this dream could very well come true. And soon. It was beautiful. I got more and more excited with each step (I had to check myself around mile 8 because I was going too fast). I don't want to elaborate more than that right now, but I cannot wait to tell you guys about it. Amazing things are happening right now.

How was your weekend long run? Solve any of the world's problems or your own?


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