Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Race pace

Workout of the day (WOD): 10 miles at marathon race pace. My marathon goal is to beat Oprah finish under 04:30:00; that is a consistent 10:18 per mile... for 26 miles, 385 yards. I ran my first marathon in 04:55:00, and because it was the first I had absolutely no time expectations. My goal was to finish on my feet.

Today's mid-week tempo run was designed to help me get a feel of race pace and a feel for sustaining that pace over 26.2 miles (I know its only Tuesday, but every run outside of the weekend long run is usually referred to as a mid-week run).  After two days of rest, I got up early to get after it.

I started with an easy mile, then stopped to stretch. I felt good for the next four miles then started to get a little hungry. I popped in a couple Gatorade chews, took a sip of water and kept it moving. (Side note: I love these Gatorade chews. I swore by them while training for the Chicago Marathon last year and I still do.)

The orange are my fav
Around mile 7, I started to get tired. I knew I could finish, but I didn't expect to feel tired at this point, or at all actually. I wouldn't categorize it as an easy pace, but it wasn't exactly hard either. I was still in the target range on the Borg RPE scale:

As I started to feel uncomfortable, I also started to worry about my pace and my goal. Will I be able to sustain this pace? Is my goal too ambitious? Will I be able to accomplish it? I tried to push these doubts from my mind and not let them get me down. Let's focus on the positives:

  • I finished the workout as planned, slightly faster than race pace at an average 10:08 per mile. 
  • When I think about it, I probably could have run another 3 miles at that pace.
  • But thats only half way. Half way there.

I'm going to have to train hard and find a way to keep this up for the second half of the race. This is going to be harder than I expected; but I am healthy, strong, determined and ready for the challenge. 68 days and counting ...

How is your race training going? Are you on track to meeting your goals?


PS. Read more about the Beat Oprah marathon goal and other famous Marine Corps Marathon finishers here.

PPS. Did Oprah have abs?

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