Friday, August 16, 2013

Love does.

My favorite song right now is Brandon Heath's latest Love Does

He wrote the song to honor a friend, author Bob Goff. Goff is the founder and CEO of Restore International, a non-profit addressing the injustices committed against children around the world. Read more about why Brandon Heath wrote the song over at KLove.

I love this song for its simple, yet powerful lyrics:
This one goes out to the world changer
Shining your light in the face of danger.
Oh, tell us what you know. 
You're a saint, you're a son, you're a promise keeper.
Bottom of the well still digging down deeper.
Oh, how far you gonna go?"
Chasing down hope.
Moving on dreams.
Taking that path.
Maybe it'll lead you home.
Maybe it won't.
For those of us who fight every day, in our own way, to make a difference in this world. This song is for you. This song gives hope and confirmation that small efforts create powerful change. This path you've taken, the things you try in hopes that one day you will truly make a difference, may look like they aren't leading you anywhere. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't, but love knows every step. Love knows every good thought. Even if no one else ever sees. Even when you feel like your small contribution doesn't matter. Know that it does. Because, Love does.
Nobody knows why your heart is broken
Nobody cries while your prayers are going up
But, Love does
Nobody walks on the road you're paving
Nobody sees all the souls you're saving
Oh, but Love does
Love does.
Keep going. Every drop you make is counted and multiplied. It may not be visible to you now, but eventually you will see how every good thing makes a difference. Maybe you won't, but that is why we have faith. That is why we believe. Because, Love does.
You are a renegade
You're an outlaw of Love's crusade
And they don't know who you are
They don't know
They don't know
But, Love does
I'm telling you, Love does
In whatever you do, in whatever you are going through know this:
Somebody knows
Somebody cries
Somebody feels
Love does. 
Somebody walks
Somebody sees
Somebody knows
Love does.


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