Monday, August 26, 2013

Marathon Training: Week 8 Recap

Last week was a pretty good week of training. It was a step-back week where I slightly reduced my mileage; specifically, the long run. I decided to break away from my training plan a little bit and run every other day, instead of the scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.


I got up early to run a 10-mile tempo at marathon pace. It felt good, even though I had some doubts during the run. I was still feeling a little something in my foot so I iced it after. Side note: getting ready for work after a morning run is a production. I have to wash my hair, sit under the dryer (while icing whatever needs to be iced), curl my hair, get dressed and oh yeah, eat. Thee struggle.


Another morning workout. The goal was to run 8 miles, but I got extremely tired around mile 7, but I kept going for a few more minutes until my show ended. Sometimes when I run on the treadmill, I bring my iPad and watch Netflix.  I decided to shut it down at 7.5 because it wasn't worth it to continue to struggle. I stretched and resumed my morning struggle before work.

Beware if I offer you popcorn from this bowl. I put my foot in it. I wash it after every use, but I want you to make an informed decision.
No running, but I walked a mile during my lunch break to pick up my packet for the Colts Back to Football 5k.

I got up early to run 6 miles before the 5k. My training plan called for 10 to 12 miles. With the 5k, I knew that I wouldn't get to 12, but because it was a lower volume week, it didn't matter as much. My goal was to run easy for an hour, change into dry clothes (I sweat like crazy), then run over to the race start. That worked out pretty well. I listened to Jerry Seinfeld's comedy album "And I am Telling You For the Last Time" to make sure that I kept the pace slow. His helmet bit is my favorite on the album. Side bar: When I want a break from music I listen to comedy on my long runs. Seinfeld and Chris Rock's Roll with the New are my favs right now. I also like Jim Gaffigan's station on iHeartRadio. After my 6 mile "warm-up," I ran the 5k. Read my race recap here.

My legs were pretty tired and my hamstrings were sore, but I got up anyway to run the Central Canal Tow Path with the Black Girls Run! Indianapolis ladies.  I am really starting to love these Sunday runs. It's a beautiful route with amazing company. A few of the lades also ran the 5k so we were all running on tired legs; however, we made it through 7 miles.

BGR! Indy Sunday Tow Path crew. 
We followed the run with a trip to Starbucks and a bagel at Ripple Bagel & Deli. I had "The Big N." I went home to an ice bath (Gucci Mane burr) and spent the rest of the day lounging in my compression tights.

Individually, it may not seem like a great week of training. Collectively, however, it was an amazing week. I was able to get in two longer tempo runs, I was able to adequately rest and recover, and I learned how it feels to really push through towards a goal.  I'm going to keep on pushing.


PS. S/O to Eat, Pray, Run DC for the blog post idea.

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