Saturday, August 10, 2013

Running shoes and tattoos

I read an article on Runner's World, by way of Pinterest, titled: 41 Awesome Running-Inspired Tattoos. I'm not much of a tattoo person (except for that unfortunate moment when I wanted to get a Mariah Carey rainbow butterfly tattoo. Thank God I didn't make that mistake), but I like to look at tattoos and find out what inspired the person to get that particular ink. I was even more interested in these running-inspired tattoos (though all of them are not overtly about running). Some are very detailed ...

inspiring ...  

cute ...

... while others are down right weird.

I mean, what does Steve Buscemi have to do with running? But who am I to judge what inspires another runner. We are all a little bit crazy to do what we do. To pound the pavement day after day, running to reach a goal only we can fully appreciate.

Only two tattoos into the slide show and I saw this one:

It stopped me in my tracks. I really like it and I am considering getting it. I never wanted a tattoo until I saw this one. However, my dilemma (as a tattoo virgin) is this: Where do I put it?

  • Ankle?
  • Achilles? (that sounds ridiculously painful)
  • My friend has one on her foot that I really love (Hey Spicy!)
  • The girl in the picture has it on her shoulder
  • Inside of my wrist?
  • Thigh?
  • Calf?
  • _________?

I need help from my runner friends and non-runners alike. What do you think about this tattoo and where should I put it? My birthday is coming up next month and this would be a great way to celebrate it.


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