Monday, August 12, 2013

Pillow Talk

This evening, I did this yoga workout from Runner's World called Pillow Talk: Gentle yoga to restore weary muscles. It is a series of gentle yoga poses using a stack of pillows or soft blankets. After running 21 miles this weekend (14 on Saturday, 7 Sunday), my body really needed a gentle stretch. Especially, after a rather painful bout of foam rolling yesterday.

Oh how glorious was this workout. I stacked four pillows on the floor of my bedroom and held each pose for at least five breaths. I feel so relaxed and calm. During the stretches, I came up with an amazing idea (that I'm not willing to share yet). I even grabbed the domain to keep it safe from someone else snatching it up. Its amazing what a calm, clear mind can accomplish.

I am going to make it a daily routine to do these gentle exercises before bed. It may even help me sleep better or help me devise a plan to save the world (from what, I am not quite sure).

Check it out for yourself here.



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