Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday list

Things I've been obsessed with this week ...

Reading this book by Hal Higdon. I want to become a student of the marathon.

Boudro's guacamole. 

It is thee best guacamole that I've ever tasted and they are gracious enough to share their recipe with us. This recipe is for the table-side, smaller portion version, but click here for a recipe that serves 6 - 8 (or in my case, 1). 

Did I say how much I love avocados? I have even dedicated a Pinterest board to them.

Kombucha. I was skeptical at first, but I have grown to like this fizzy, probiotic drink. I have self-diagnosed IBS so this has helped me out a lot lately. I wish it didn't cost so much. Georgetown Market has a few flavors on sale every week so I pick up the flavor of the week (and my fav Gingerade).

Cliff Bars were on sale too.

Don Draper. I started watching Mad Men on Netflix at the beginning of June and a month later, am already on Season 5. Clearly, I have nothing better to do.

Lastly, I love this quote from the Cookie Monster. 

Great way to get through life's unpleasantries. I prefer Oreos or soft baked chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream.


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