Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday List: Travel Thoughts

I have been traveling a lot over the past few months (since April, actually). I received my Delta Medallion statement today, and I earned 10,609 miles last month. As I write this blog post from 37,000 feet on a flight from Las Vegas, I realize that traveling allows lots of time for reflection. So today's Sunday List are things I have learned about myself while traveling.

1. I have met some amazing people. Getting seated next to a random person on a packed flight to [insert destination here] can be akin to the weirdly interesting freshman dorm room assignment. You never know who you'll be seated next to (especially since I travel alone), but the experience can be both wonderful and strange.

2. I need alone time. I like going to conferences and vacationing with friends, but no matter who I'm with or the purpose of the trip, I need time alone. To sit and be still. To relax and not say anything. Please respect that.

2b. My need for time alone has nothing to do with you. I posted this article on my Facebook page that very accurately explains my plight.

3. The longer the stay, the more I'll need my own room. I love the idea of traveling with friends and sharing all aspects of the travel experience; however (comma) because I need alone time, it is best for me and everyone else that I be able to retreat to my own domicile to regroup and refresh.

4. I hate indecisiveness. Make a decision and stand by it (or change it as the situation deems necessary). I am highly annoyed by those who can't decide or don't want to make a decision because they don't want to be blamed for disappointing the group. Just provide an option or at the very least, let us know what you don't want.

4b. I especially despise those who can't or won't say what they want until they hear everyone else's decision. Do you not have an opinion of your own?! Although this annoys me, I understand that the latter behavior is likely a result of #4. Note: understanding it in no way makes it easier to deal with. In fact, I'm doubly annoyed by it.

5. I love running in new places. I love lacing up my running shoes and exploring a new city on foot, or revisiting a beloved route (here's looking at you, Chicago).

6. Because of 2, 3, 4 and 4b, the following needs to occur in the future:
i. If a trip lasts longer than two nights, I must book my own room.
ii. If you continually exhibit the behavior in 4b when making travel decisions (e.g. Restaurant, shows, plans for the day, etc), I will institute a blind voting decision process in which everyone will write down their choice and a moderator will discuss the options with the group. Or you will be left behind. It's your choice. Good luck with that.
iii. If you leave the restaurant choice to me, we will always eat either Mexican (puerto rican and/or Cuban included as regionally appropriate) or Japanese.
iv. You must provide an option in order to veto an option. You may not disagree without putting your oar in the water.
bonus: saying "it doesn't matter to me" is never a valid response. Ever. It matters. Say so.

7. I still suck at packing. Inevitably, on every trip, 30% of my bag will go unused. I'm trying to do better. I promise. I even pinned a few packing strategies [pin 1 and pin 2], but free checked bags on Delta only exacerbate the problem. Le sigh...

8. Because of number 2, I feel this is why l go on solo long runs and have not been more eager to join regular group runs. I enjoy this quiet time with my thoughts and beautiful scenery. I don't necessarily want to talk during a long run or listen to stories. I just want to run. Running has become my favorite thing to do on the road because no one wants to come with. It's the only "quiet time" people seem to respect without question. It's the only time they don't take it personally that I want to do something on my own. Perhaps I should join group speed runs. Yeah, you can't talk much during speed work.

9.  Lastly, I love visiting new places. 90% of my travel has been for work so I have the fortunate ability to see many new places for free (and with a per diem). However, I do need to vacation more. I have done a good job lately at making the most of my work trips, but there's nothing like traveling strictly for vacation. I'm going to do that more.

South Beach fun.

Safe travels,


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  1. Love this! sounds like me. Except for the Delta status. Oh how I miss my Delta status.