Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day Freedom Run

Yesterday was Independence Day and of course I celebrated it with a run. I even earned this cool badge from Nike+

I love to celebrate holidays, birthdays and special occasions with a run. It brings a freedom and clarity to it, which is why I call it a Freedom Run. I also made a pact to run in every city I travel. I travel a lot with my job and it is fun to put away the emails and itinerary (I include run 'appointments' on mine) and go for a run in a new place. My favorite places so far have been Seattle, the San Francisco Warf, Chicago's Lake Shore Trail and the creme de la creme was running in Central Park with the New York Road Runners. Honorable mention: I went on a jogging tour of New Orleans that was awesome!

Also to be celebrated on this Independence Day, I reached another Nike+ milestone: 2,000 miles. *throws confetti.

My average pace over my lifetime with Nike+ running is 10:18/mile. Ironically (or serendipitously) that is my goal pace for the Marine Corps Marathon. A steady 10:18 pace will help me cross the finish line exactly at my goal time of 04:30:00. I think its a sign ...

With all of this running that I have been doing, I have amassed quite the running shoe collection. My running shoe closet (yes they have their own closet. judge not) is getting out of hand.

Anyone know of a good cause I can donate them to? I heard of places that will accept your used running shoes to create a playground or, if they are in good condition, give them to kids who don't have running shoes. I'll kick my feet up, enjoy my newest pair (Brooks Pure Flow) and figure it out this weekend.

First marathon training long run in the morning...



  1. There are a couple of places that I know of - Nike Reuse a Shoe and Soles4Souls. For Nike Reuse, they take them in any condition. They recycle them to be used in surfacing/playgrounds. You have to find drop off location though (cannot be mailed). Soles4Soles also requires a drop off location. Goodwill also accepts used sneakers. Since you have so many, would you mind doing a posting on running shoes - like recommendations? I use Brooks and Asics but would be interested in learning how you go about picking your shoes.

    1. Sure! I can definitely write a post about picking running shoes. It can be a process, but finding the right shoe can help you to avoid injury and make your running experience much more enjoyable.