Thursday, July 18, 2013

15 Reasons Why Annie Is Not Okay

My favorite comedic blogger Awesomely Luvvie posted about the #BlackBuzzFeed trending topic that took Twitter by storm yesterday. The posts were incredibly smart and hilarious. Hours after the trending topic circled the globe, Luvvie also challenged us to capitalize on our own genius and create content rather than always being a consumer. In her twitter rant, she implored us to actually write posts about these topics we cleverly imagined. So I read through her storify of the funniest #BlackBuzzFeed tweets and immediately decided on this one from @KBLXkimmie:

#BlackBuzzFeed 15 Reasons Why Annie Is Not Okay

I am a huge MJ fan and thought this was oh so funny and perfect for me. Clearly, Annie was not okay. At. All. Here's why ...

1.  A man broke into her apartment. (Annie, you in danger, girl)
2.  As he came into the window, there was a sound of a crescendo.
3.  He left blood stains on the carpet.
4.  She went underneath a table?
5.  We could see she was unable.
6.  She ran into the bedroom (the past is prologue).
7.  She was struck down.
8.  It was her doom.
9.  It was Sunday, what a black day.
10.  Someone tried to resuscitate her.
11.  I don’t think they found a heartbeat ... and they might have been intimidated (by whom,   we'll never know).
12.  The police want everyone to clear the area right now.
13.  She never told us that she was okay.
14.  She’d been hit by; she’d been struck by a smooth criminal.

What's your favorite #BlackBuzzFeed or BuzzFeed list? Write about it. We'd love to read it.

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