Monday, July 1, 2013

MCM Day 1

Today, I started a 17-week training program for the Marine Corps Marathon. I adapted the program from Hal Higdon's intermediate 1 marathon training plan. With two marathons under my belt, I don't consider myself a beginner anymore. I ran my first marathon in 4:55. My only goal was to finish on my feet. Mission accomplished. I ran my second marathon ... well, we won't talk about that one. I have since blocked it from my mind and only choose to revisit the enjoyable experience I had at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Let's just suffice it to say that I completed a second marathon. Mkay?

I have built a strong base for marathon number three. At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to run 1,000 miles. That is a consistent twenty miles per week. Every. Week. I was derailed a bit when I hurt my back mid January, but after rehab and a better understanding of how I am going to fit this into my busy schedule (I travel a lot for work), I slowly but surely worked to get back on track. I had to increase my mileage from 20 miles per week to 25 miles per week or at least 100 miles a month (I like options) in order to get back on track. Doing so has provided me with a strong base for marathon training. I had been running more miles during the week and still incorporated a few long runs. You know, for fun.

Today's workout was an easy 3 miles plus strength training. I easily completed the workout and resisted the urge to push the pace. After it was over, I sat on the floor with an incredible peace (something I had been feeling all day today).
I am ready for this.
I am ready to train.
I am ready to train hard.
I am ready to train smart.
I am ready to be more consistent.
I am ready to set a PR.

This feeling is reminiscent of my collegiate track days when I started the season ready to run, knowing that I put in the work all summer (which was hard to do since I went to school in Myrtle Beach where distraction and temptation abounds). I am excited to see where it takes me. Not anxious, but patiently excited.

See you at the finish line,


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