Friday, December 27, 2013

Georgia Dome Recap: Redskins vs Falcons

The fourth stop on my NFL Bucket List Tour was to the ATL to see my Redskins play the Falcons at the Georgia Dome. I have been to the Georgia Dome many times, but not for an NFL game. The first time was in 2000 to see Mariah Carey in concert on her Rainbow tour (I still have the concert t-shirt, program booklet and poster. I stan for MC) and I was there again a few years ago to catch the elite eight games during the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament. On the way to the Kentucky vs Indiana game, a man on the Marta train offered us $1,500 for our tickets. It was tempting, but I didn't do it.

Back to football … I have been working like a mad woman this year and to kick off my end-of-year vacation I decided to fly to Atlanta for the day to catch a game. My flight left at 7:30 am, arrived in Atlanta around 9 am and I departed that evening at 7 pm. I had approximately 10 hours to have some fun in the A.  I took the Marta from the airport to Arts District, then hopped on a shuttle to Atlantic Station. I had brunch then met up with a friend of a friend (actually he's the God Father to my soror's 3 children) before the game.

Thanks to JB we had amazing seats. They were the best seats thus far on my NFL tour. We were damn near on the Falcons bench right in front of the replay booth. He was very thorough in getting our tickets. He had two sets of tickets on both sides of the stadium and let me choose where I wanted to sit. I like options. I chose to sit on the Falcons home side because the seats were better. Plus, I ain't afraid of no dirty bird fans. Both teams were 3 - 10 going into the game so any trash talking was practically universal. He gave the other set of tickets to one of his buddies and found our seats.

Me and JB

The Refs talking it over
Even though both teams weren't that great and RGIII wasn't playing, it was a perfect game to watch in the stadium. At one point in the game there were 3 fumbles in a row. Hearing Falcons and Redskins fans dogging the other team, then berating themselves when they turned the ball right back over was hilarious. We also sat in front of this little boy (had to be about 9 or 10 years old) who knew the game better than any seasoned arm-chair quarterback. His dad knew absolutely nothing and kept asking idiotic questions like "Why didn't he run with it? Is that good that he didn't run with the ball?" His son then had to explain a touchback. And the final nail-biting play of the game was amazingly nerve wrecking to watch in venue. Shanahan gives zero damns.

Touchdown Redskins #HTTR
One striking thing I noticed in the Georgia Dome is that the Falcons fans don't really get into the game. I could still hear myself think on 3rd down. Why aren't y'all standing with fences, getting crazy and cheering for a defensive stop? The players actually recorded video vignettes to encourage the fans to get loud and get up out of their seats. Um, where they do that at? I nearly went deaf on 3rd down at Lambeau Field. FedEx was crazy too and I think they started fighting each other at Qualcomm. Either way, the crowds every where else were hyped and into the game. I guess Atlanta is to bourgeoisie to stand up and cheer for their team. Perhaps thats why a decent team went 4 - 11. What a disappointment they have been. Fan or not, we all expected much better from the Falcons.

Who's broke down Cousins jersey is this?
Falcons Cheerleaders
After the game, JB dropped me off at the airport. I had a little less than two hours to kill so I stopped in at a small wine bar in Hartsfield-Jackson airport, watched a few of the late games, checked my fantasy stats and made a few new friends. It was a great day with great company and an exciting game.

"Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central LA."


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