Monday, October 21, 2013

Qualcomm Stadium Recap: Colts vs Chargers

Last weekend, I was in San Diego for a conference and with the flight and hotel already paid for I seized the opportunity to check off another stadium from my NFL Bucket List. Before the game, I grabbed the most amazing fish tacos with a friend.

As we ate, I was accosted by locals for wearing my Colts jersey. It was all in good fun though as most of them ended the conversation with "as long as you aren't wearing silver and black."

We got to the game before kickoff and checked out the various food vendors. 

I will say that of the few stadiums I have been to thus far, Qualcomm definitely has the most eccentric selection of food. There was a "Farm to Fan" stand with fresh, organic food offerings, large Fat Tuesday-esque frozen drinks and tacos at almost every concession stand. So far Qualcomm gets my vote for best food.

After going to the wrong section, we finally made it to our awesome seats. My view of the field was great, but the field was slanted so I could see the action on the goal line to the 30, but each yard after that was harder and harder to see. I couldn't get a accurate picture so you'll have to take my word for it. I was surprised to see so many Colts fans in the stadium. The row behind me was full of Colts fans who traveled from Indianapolis. And there were lots of empty seats. Although, this game was supposedly sold out, a lot of those ticket holders didn't show. I was in row 9 and there were empty seats in row 1. How are front row seats at a Monday Night Football game empty?

The rest of the game was mildly exciting, but honestly I was very tired. The game started at 5:30 Pacific time, but I felt every bit of 8:30 pm Eastern and 11:30 pm when it ended.  To liven things up, a fight broke out sometime before half time. Later that night, I saw a report on the news that this was the third game this season where fights broke out. To combat the problem, San Diego law enforcement will now place undercover officers throughout the stadium ... in opposing team jerseys. That should be interesting. Be careful who you talk trash to at Qualcomm.

How could I forget this awesome couple?

They were all over each other the entire game. She found every excuse to touch his butt and his Lion mask captured a lot of attention.

I don't know where the lion's mane ends and his begins.



  1. I didn't know that you had a blog, too! I just found this from your IG post. Very nice blog. The "questioning" that you got in Green Bay was funny. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a lot of young black women in that stadium dressed in Redskins gear.

    1. Yeah I started blogging again about a year or so ago, but I haven't been very consistent. Green Bay was interesting. I had a great time though. I didn't know what to expect.