Thursday, September 12, 2013

Twenty Miles

It's week 11 of marathon training and its time for the infamous 20-mile run. ^insert ominous music here ...

I plan to run it tomorrow morning on my birthday. Why would I do this to myself on my birthday, you ask? Valid question. I have been running my long runs on Saturdays, but I am driving to Green Bay on Saturday and I don't want to be uncomfortable or risk catching a cramp while driving. I always take my birthday off from work (even when it was on a Tuesday, I was like nope. You won't see me in this piece) and I always celebrate it with a run so twenty miles on my birthday it is. 

People always wonder in amazement how one could run that far. Especially, solo like I do. I don't particularly know how I do it. I'm determined to reach my goal and I know this is part of it. Like we used to say before hard track workouts at Fort Dorchester HS "ain't nothing to em, but to do em." Shot out to Chucktown. 

So that's what I do. I set my mind (and a very well organized playlist) and get going. Lately, however, I have been struggling a bit with training. I feel like I'm on the cusp of overtraining. My job is sport performance and health education for athletes, so I know the signs. I was surprised to recognize them in myself. In response, I cut back the mileage and added another rest day. It has helped so far. Overtraining or not, there is no avoiding the 20-mile run. Some programs go longer, but tha hell if I'm doing that. As legendary marathon coach Hal Higdon so eloquently puts it in explaining why his programs don't go beyond 20 miles: "I want you to gently approach the wall, not collide with it." Yep, 20 is more than enough for me. 

Back to the struggle. Here is where you come in. I'm gonna need some help with this one. So if you could give me a call and/or send me messages while I'm out on my run tomorrow, that would significantly help me get over this training hump. You can call in and talk about whatever you want. Now I might not be able to say much back, but I can listen and possibly grunt.

 Ill take birthday wishes, birthday songs (ill post later who sang it best, all versions welcome), jokes, comedy skits, old negro spirituals, hymns, the I Have a Dream speech, the Gettysburg Address (reserved for LA), reenactments of your favorite movie scenes, debates, motivational speeches, poems, whatever you got. I am an attentive audience of one. 

Pick a time slot below and sponsor a mile (about 10 minutes). I plan to get started tomorrow morning at 6am so feel free to call me on your way to work. Or set a meeting to help ya girl get through another mile. The run should take about 4 hours sooo ... for real, sponsor a mile.   Leave your preferred time in the comments. 



Halfway there! 



Text me to make sure I didn't die. 

Are y'all gonna help me out or no?


PS if you need more topics/ideas ...

  • Debate the state of hip-hop culture or pop culture. 
  • Why or why not: Did Mary J Blige really ruin r&b?
  • Top 5 NFL quarterbacks of all time. 
  • Top 5 NFL list of your choice (please don't call with basketball lists cause I don't care about that sport)
  • Best quarterback in the league right now.
  • Best Michael Jackson album and why. 
  • Favorite Cosby Show or Seinfeld episode.  
  • Funniest stupid joke you've ever heard/told. 
  • Most embarrassing, yet funny, moment you've seen or experienced. 
  • Corniest pick-up line you've used or were victim of. 
  • What do you think is going to happen on the upcoming season of Scandal?

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