Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sisterhood of the traveling purse

Little known fact about me, I love these types of movies. I think I have watched every Hilary Duff/Christina Milian/Lindsey Lohan movie on Netflix. I cant tell you how many times I've watched The Parent Trap. Hey, I like them and you will deal.

One of my favs is the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants where miraculously the same pair of jeans fit four very different body types and equally different personalities. 

It's a good movie with an important lesson about living beyond your circumstances, young love and friendship. 

Speaking of friendship, a dear friend I met at work has recently left the organization to pursue other opportunities in the Washington DC area. During her celebratory lunch another friend and I commented on her bag. We made jokes about politely stacking the contents on her desk as we ran away with the purse. We continued to joke and even suggested that we share the bag. By the end of lunch our relentless begging joking paid off. She agreed to share the bag with us. Like the movie, the three of us will have the bag for a specified timeframe. 

Isn't she lovely?
Here are the rules:

  • We each get to use the bag for 2 months. Mine are September and October. 
  • We must return the bag to her in its original condition in January. 
  • You must take care of the bag. This goes without saying really. 
  • You must include an interesting story and/or gift telling the next user where the bag has been. 

This should be fun. I haven't used the bag yet, but I hope to take it on a great adventure. 

Here's to friendship and adventures. 


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