Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday List: Podcasts

I have really gotten into listening to podcasts lately. Music these days gets on my nerves so I wanted to try something different. I searched iTunes for various topics and posted on Facebook asking my friends to tell me their favorite podcasts. Here is what I have been listening to:

NPR Programs: Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!

I had already listened to a few episodes on NPR so I downloaded this game show podcast first. The show is run like a contest where "celebrity" guests answer questions like "Who is Carl This Time (a current events game) and "Bluff the Listener" where the contestant is told 3 news stories from around the world and has to guess which one is actually true. Its a very NPR show. What I mean is that there are lots of geek-y play on words and historical events.

NPR: Ask Me Another Podcast

Much like Wait Wait ... Ask Me Another is a game show podcast. A special guest is invited on the show to answer questions, but also participates in an interview. So you get both the game show and an all but traditional podcast interview. This podcast is more comedic with its clever spin on current and historical events, music and culture.

His & Hers with Michael Smith and Jamele Hill

When someone recommended this podcast, I thought it would be all about sports. It is not. ESPN's Michael Smith and Jamele Hill discuss current events, family, relationships, pop culture, music and just about everything else you wouldn't expect from two ESPN analysts. While sports analogies make their way into just about every podcast, the duo also does a great job at making sure to leave the audience with some life lesson. I don't think they intentionally do this, but with each podcast I find myself learning something greater than topic at hand. I look forward to downloading a new episode every week. They also record a two to three minute His and Hers Daily podcast, but I don't ever listen to those.

Stuff You Should Know from

I absolutely love this podcast! It is my second favorite right now. It involves  two guys (whose names escape me) that do extensive research to explain a topic. Some of my favorites have been:

  • How Lewis & Clark Worked
  • Who Owned the Abandoned House
  • How Jet Lag Works 
  • What's with the Winchester Mystery House
  • How Crack Works (explores the myth of the crack baby)

There are many more that I can't name. I learn a lot listening to these podcasts. Its like the stuff you didn't learn in History class, with a modern spin. This podcast is several years old so it has been fun discovering all the older episodes. They also have a great supporting website with lots more stuff you should know, including videos and blogs.

My absolute favorite podcast right now is .... [insert drum roll]

The Read

Kid Fury from Miami and Crissle form Oklahoma City are recent NYC transplants who talk about pop culture and their new adventure in New York. I love that they stan for Beyonce in nearly every episode and drag any and everyone for their foolishness. No one is off limits, well except Beyonce and Blue Ivy.  I've had fun catching up on all of the older episodes and look forward to their witty banter each week. I probably should stop listening to them so much because in my mind I tell people off like Kid Fury. They are no where close to PG so if you are sensitive to vulgarities, this aint the podcast for you.

Other podcasts I occasionally listen to are:

I love Snap Judgement when I need a good bedtime story. 

And ...

The Modern Manners Guy's voice is a little annoying, but this short podcast offers some good tips.

What are you guys listening to? Do you have any other pod cat suggestions?


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